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We're passionate about the environment and bringing great fragrances into your homes. Reducing our consumption of non-recyclable and single use goods is one of the ways we can help live a more sustainable lifestyle.

As part of our commitment to reducing waste and running as sustainably as possible, we offer a candle refilling service where you can return your Albion Candle, or a candle container from somewhere else, and we'll happy fill it back up for you. If you like, we can rebrand your container to have our Albion factory logo on, or you can keep it as it is and get back to seeing your favourite candle brought back to life with your favourite new fragrance. 

To order a refill, head to your favourite scent on the shop page and choose to purchase a refill from one of the size options. If you purchased an Albion Candle, it's easy for us to judge the size but it gets a bit trickier if you don't know the size of your vessel. Get in touch and we'll happily advise how much it will cost.